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Hi everyone, my name is Inga and with the help of my husband Dan, we offer a line of baby clothing that is superior to anything else available on the market today. We are located just outside of Austin, Texas and we are very passionate about providing the highest quality baby clothing for all babies, because our children deserve the best that this world has to offer. I am a qualified teacher, but as of recently, since my son Lachlan's birth, I am now a stay at home mom. Dan is in the military, and has been for the past twelve years. He helps out as much as possible when he's at home, but he can often be away for significant periods of time. Organizing and running a busy household demands simple and effective methods, especially where babies are involved. Our Pajammie zipsuit was the perfect solution for our baby's clothing needs and saved me lots of time and money, whilst keeping our precious little one comfortable and well-dressed!

So why Pajammies?

When I started buying baby clothes for my son I found that none of the products available through various major big-box stores lived up to my expectations.

I wanted a product with fabric that was soft on his skin, that could breathe throughout the summer, that was free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and was durable enough to last until he outgrew it. I also wanted a product that would let me change him quickly... finicky buttons and press-studs were not to my liking and were time-consuming and difficult to use! I wanted a product that would suit him for every occasion through the winter as well as summer. I wanted a product that would protect him, not only from fluctuating temperatures, but also from himself - when Lachlan was a newborn he would often scratch himself with his fingernails while sleeping. 

There wasn't a single baby clothing product that fulfilled this criteria, so my husband and I designed the Pajammie zipsuit.

Unique features of our Pajammies

Put your mind at ease and rest assured that our fabrics have been manufactured from the finest quality viscose (from bamboo) and organic cotton blend. In our testing of the product we found this fabric composition produced superior softness and was also extremely durable.

Our Pajammies do not contain nasty flame retardants, pesticides or other nasty chemicals. They also do not contain polyester, so we advise our Pajammie parents to have them snug-fitting. Our Pajammies "breathe" unlike other polyester variants to ensure that heat rash and irritation on your baby is significantly reduced.

Not only do we produce our Pajammies from the highest possible quality fabrics, we incorporate a unique approach to our Pajammie design. Each Pajammie features a double zipper, allowing for quick diaper changes. This is different to many other single zipper type products where you have to completely unzip your baby for a diaper change, totally undermining its usefulness! The double zipper comes with a safety tab to protect baby's neck and chin, and also a safety lining to ensure the zipper doesn't catch on baby's skin.

We also offer other unique features to our Pajammies. Optional mittens and footies are incorporated into our product. Some products currently on the market provide either one or the other but don't offer you the option to use both. The mittens and footies are flaps, carefully designed into the Pajammie, that can be easily flipped over baby's hands and feet when required. Socks and mittens are no longer required! The mittens also help prevent babies scratching themselves and keep their hands warm.

When I designed the Pajammie zipsuit, I wanted an optional footie. When my son began to walk, I uncovered the footie allowing him to feel the wooden floors under his feet, and during Texas' warmer months I left his feet uncovered to let his feet disperse heat, allowing him to better regulate his temperature. In the winter, I would simply flip the footie back over his feet, and this would ensure that his little feet retained their warmth.

Our Pajammies provide comfort, utility and practicality for babies like no other product on the market today. Our Pajammies are unique to North America and have been specifically designed for every occasion.

We love the Pajammie zipsuit and we hope you do too - they are the best clothing choice for your baby!


Inga and Dan.

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